Our ambitious project was born from the synergy of some federal skiing coaches, and has the aim to manage and organize internships starting to competition, stage competitions for children and adults, for groups, sports clubs, training programs, adapting a supple and rich offer in technical content. Our knowledge do research strength, the continuous study of the evolution that the world of sports, especially skiing, have had in the last two decades, from long to very short ski slopes rights super carvati, from athletic training approximate exasperated studies on physiological activities and muscle of Alpine skiing. The technicians at our facility which uses, are all experienced professionals in the world of skiing, and for years has been involved in the management and organization of facilities and sports happenings.



about us

We are a professional training center at 360 °, a website full of news and insights. We are a training school always attentive to the needs of the world of skiing. Did you expect a single answer? Here it is: we are culture, communication and experience in the field of alpine skiing.

whi chose our center?

Why is strong, durable and flexible. Just like a physical well-trained! Our strength is the culture, understood as a knowledge dynamic, sensitive to the evolution of science and at the same time respectful of the formative principles essential for growth. Our strength is experience, a quality built over many years of training and updating through the most varied professional experiences. Our flexibility is the ability to renew ourselves. In what way? By adapting the educational offer to the demands of the industry and the different levels of preparation of our students by addressing the needs of those who choose us as a help desk sensitive and courteous.


The center offers the opportunity to learn how to ski in completely new and modern. We offer courses starter competitive sport for children and adults, basic courses for those wishing to savor the sensations of modern skiing courses specific athletic training for skiing, personal training in Italy and abroad.




SKI TRAINING ITALIA offers for summer 2018 a trip dedicated to training and competitions in the southern hemisphere, Argentina and Chile aimed at athletes Fis and children,

The program will develop between training and competitions of the South American Cup and Fis Race.

Period: 1 July 30 September 2018

For more information, info@skitraining.it details and costs



SKI TRAINING ITALIA  proposes summer camp's special training weeks for categories, children and FIS from the month of June the camps will be organized at the Hintertux Glacier (AUT), El Colorado-La Parva (Chile) and the Ski dome in Landgraaf (NL).


SKI TRAINING ITALIA organizes three training internship for summer and fall 2018: a true immersion for the slalom.

The optimal conditions of the structure guarantee high quality of the daily training that is divided into two shifts of two hours: 9.00-11.00/16.30-18.30.

New for summer 2018 two internships are intended for category Baby Puppies dates coming soon!


SKI TRAINING ITALIA, offers teams in training a complete collaboration related to the services of booking hotel organization, booking of training slope, rent of slalom poles transfert from the main airports and assistance in general. INFO@SKITRAINING.IT