General Condition Ski Training Italia

1. We hereby ask you to read this regulation internships / program, the following rules will apply to all activities proposed by the organization Ski Training Italia

Each participant must sign these rules are part of the contract.


2. Each Participant will have to follow to 'comply with the rules of prudence and diligence and to those disciplinary and behavioral specifications provided by the organizer, in the person of the Technical Manager. The / the subject / the operator / the parental authority on the participant exempt as of now the Organizer from any liability in case of loss and failure to comply with obligations and rules mentioned below. In Particular The / the subject / the operator / the parental authority on the Participant, will be held accountable for any damages arising from misconduct and abuse of the same Participant. The organizer reserves the right to terminate, without the right to reimbursement of the fee the Participant concerning non-compliance and violation of the above rules provided under the obligation of the / of the subject / the operator parental authority to provide for their care, and expenses responsibility to bring back home the participant.


3. Technical: the organization Ski Training Italia, using freelancers, Physical Trainers, (ISEF graduates, or graduates in Sports Science or equivalent), Osteopaths, Doctors specializing in sports medicine, psychologists, coaches skiing graduated from the FISI - STF (Italian Winter Sports Federation - Federal Technical School) 2nd - 3rd - 4th level or National, updated inserted in the appropriate lists kept by the Italian Winter Sports Federation, will be used coaches trainees, (1st level protempore) on federal authorization as required by federal regulation Technical School. Foreign coaches with equivalent qualification.

All coaches are ski instructors and as expected by law general N.81 8 March 1991, enrolled in college COLNAZ national and / or regional constituencies of belonging.


4. Remember that alpine skiing and in this case training and competitive preparation, connects those at risk of injury.

The organizers will put in place all possible precautions, and to respect the rules and regulations of the local stations themselves.

However, the organizer will not be responsible for any injuries.

Participation in internships / programs will be at your own risk.


5. Health protection, the participant declares to be in possession of medical fitness, as per Legislative Decree No. 18/02/1982.


6. Ski Training Italia is not responsible for damage to property, unless it was caused by negligence carelessness or inexperience. In addition, the organizer will not be responsible for damage caused by third parties.


7. Equipment: Participants must use equipment regulatory measures of the skis and boots must be suitable for the age and ability specialties.

E 'obligation to wear a helmet and back protector.


8. In order to cover all possible risks associated with skiing or any other activity within the framework of the internship / program, each participant is required to have adequate insurance (liability insurance, accident insurance, etc.)

The participant must be registered F.I.S.I.

Please confirm you have prepared all insurance coverage for the duration of the internship / program.


9. The participant is obliged to follow the code of conduct of the ski (eg. FIS rules) while participating in the Stage / program.


10. The participant is aware that during his stay in the image to the Stage / program will be made video and audio recordings for educational purposes. The participant accepts that such material can be used by the organizer free of charge for advertising purposes (publication on the website of the organizer, facebook, etc.)

 11. Bookings must be made by the participant, filling out the form downloaded from the website of the internship / program.


12. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of reference except for the provisions by which each host country / placements program applies, and any disputes arising from this Regulation / Contract shall be settled by the Court of Trent


13. By applying each participant / legal representative confirms and accepts the terms and general conditions and agrees that these terms and conditions form the basis for the contractual relationship.


The project Ski Training Session was created to offer a unique experience to all those who want to live more closely, experimenting with new teaching methods, skiing with a high level of competitive directly in the temple.


Activities Ski Training Session that will take place at Ski Stadium Aloch Pozza Fassa (TN).



SKi Training Italia proposes summer camp's special training weeks for categories, children and FIS from the month of June the camps will be organized at the Hintertux Glacier (AUT), El Colorado-La Parva (Chile) and the Ski dome in Landgraaf (NL).


SKI TRAINING ITALIA, offers teams in training a complete collaboration related to the services of booking hotel organization, booking of training slope, rent of slalom poles transfert from the main airports and assistance in general. INFO@SKITRAINING.IT